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Posts mit dem Label A Presence Inside/Outside werden angezeigt. Alle Posts anzeigen

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Performance Art: VOICE: A Presence Inside/Outside

VOICE: A Presence Inside/Outside

New series exploring the experience of hearing a voice inside my head since childhood. Currently, I am creating the paradigms of the world of VOICE, which will help me make clearer images, themes and story. In order to show this "universe" I have to create a concrete set of references. Like in science fiction, there's rules that you apply to ensure continuity and believability, and make it easier for the audience to suspend disbelief and enter that world with you.
The Universe of VOICE:
1. Vibrating colors - bright colors that "hurt the eyes"
2. A "tunnel" effect - like a seizure (during which you feel like you can't control your body); like migraine prodrome (during which your head feels like it's being squeezed, kneaded, shaped and reshaped); like anxiety (during which it feels like you're being sucked by horrible gravity through a tube that's too tight)
3. A watery prism - continously fluid, oozing distortion of your environment (i.e., you're crossing a room to get to a chair and you're not sure that it will still be there when you get to where it is)
4. A definite sense of place - where you are frozen in time, but not in space; where you cannot sense any boundaries and think if you can't stop moving you will fall off the edge
5. Bottomlessness - like falling out of bed in endless downward propulsion
6. Feeling "Not Present" - as if someone else is living your life