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Posts mit dem Label 04.06.20 werden angezeigt. Alle Posts anzeigen

Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2020

The Tiger Lillies: COVID-19 vol. II tonight at midnight

Here is our new album full of songs written in self isolation - Covid 19 I.

Martyn Jacques says:

'Covid-19 came out of the blue and left me unable to do the thing which I’ve always done for the last 30 years - perform! The thing which has kept me alive materially, occupied my time and kept me sane. For me the act of singing to an audience has been my emotional and artistic release. Covid-19 stopped all that and for the last 3 weeks I’ve felt like a goldfish in a bowl. My only way of staying relatively sane has been to sing songs about the madness of this . Here’s the album we’ve recorded, me isolating in my studio in Berlin, my band member Adrian isolating in his studio in Athens. Covid-19’.

The album includes songs such as Sanitizer Survivor; Toilet Rolls Mummy; Cancellation Blues and Keep Washing Your Hands.

It features exclusive artwork by Lebanese artist Eugene Cavill.
The album is available to download exclusively on Bandcamp.

The Tiger Lillies, along with most independent artists, have lost all live bookings for an indefinite period so anything fans can do to help support us during these uncertain times would be greatly appreciated.
released April 10, 2020


Hello there!

We are releasing our new album COVID-19 vol. II tonight at midnight (Central European Time).

The Tiger Lillies

The album takes a more serious tone than Covid-19 vol. I which came out on April 10, and considering the situation 2 months later, how else could we respond? This new set of songs confronts the cost to human life, the fear and anxiety the pandemic has unleased and the confusion people feel now, all the while continuing to use the dark humour the band is known for.