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Freitag, 3. Mai 2019

Fantasien zur Nacht (Video + Gedicht): Politics of Keith Brighouse by Jane Cain

Politics of Keith Brighouse
read by Jane Cain


rumours said Gillian shaved her vagina
or should that be vulva, pudendum or pubis?
it’s difficult to intellectualize, when
your mind is swimming below waist height
a dog sniffing around at random, searching
for a morsel, or even better, some bitch in heat
you know, you’ve been there too, don’t deny it
it keeps your mind occupied and who knows
someone always wins the lottery

her porcelain pubis polished to a mirror
a V pointing between her thighs, the cut
which kept me awake at night, my face
reflecting back, with a gash between my eyes
this concerned me more than the boot, pressed
down upon my sternum, the weight of the world
squeezing my bellows chest of oxygen
pumping hard and making no headway
it’s the impossible vision, more an ideology

I studied Karl Marx for the betting averages
asked Frederick Engels for his opinion
‘Freedom is the recognition of necessity’
everyone needs a distraction, a hope
I applied this reasoning to shaved vaginas
boxes full, like harvested mussels, puckering
a field of failed last dying words, bubbles
inflating then deflating, moribund explanations
you may imagine Gillian’s smooth pudendum
but in the end all it is, is politics

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