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Freitag, 11. Januar 2019

Fantasien zur Nacht (Video): THE CELL

The Cell / Die Zelle

I still convey the word and still
The first one verse I do repeat:
"I dressed the table for the six"...
But seventh one you did forget.

It is not merry for us six.
On faces are the streams of rain+
How could you over such a table
Forget the seventh — seventh one+

It is not merry for the guests,
Idle is pitcher of crystal,
Sad are they all, sad are you too,
But saddest is the one uncalled.

It is not merry and not light.
Ah! You don't drink and do not eat.
How could you have forgotten this?
How could you have erred in the count?

How could you, dared, not understand,
That six (two brothers, the third —
You, with wife, father and mother) there
Are seven — that I'm in this world?

You dressed the table for the six,
But with six the world did not die.
More than the scarecrow midst the live
I want to be a ghost — with (mine),

Yours... Shy just like a thief,
O - never touching but a soul! —
Behind the silverware unmade
I sit as seventh one, uncalled.

At once! I overthrew the glass!
An all that thirsted to be poured —
All salt from eyes, all blood from wounds —
From tablecloth — on the floorboards.

And — there's no coffin! No — parting!
Broken is spell, wakes up the home.
Like death — onto the wedding feast,
I'm — life, that to dinner have come.

And I still scold, for nobody —
Not brother, husband, son or friend:
"You, dressed the table for six souls,

Did not seat me upon the end."

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